The Ostronic Famliy

March 13, 2008

             We started a business because we got fed up with the extremes of the corporate world: too much micromanagement and too little creative freedom, not to mention the relentless pressure to act as if our family did not exist. Thus, in order to provide our family with a better quality of life, we made the decision to start our own business.  Our business name is Wolf Eagle Enterprises because the wolf and the eagle are symbolic of what we are doing with our business. Just as a wolf runs with its pack and looks out for the best interest of the pack, we look out for the best interests of our customers by our privacy policy. Likewise, just as an eagle uses its excellent vision to ascend to great heights, we are constantly on the search for ways to offer better value for the money spent.  We named our site Ostronic House of Gifts because we are the Ostronic family, dad, mom, oldest son, twin daughters, youngest son, and playful Golden Retriever. Ok